3D Models

Simple Wall Hanger

Bill Of Materials:

  • Wood 18mm x 200mm x
  • (2) Wall screws.
  • (2) Wall plugs.
  • (10) Wood screews.


These Model is under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) licence.

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Simple Wall Hanger – Description

The winter is coming! And with that we need to wear many coats. Which we don’t always have where to hang them. So, now we can print a Simple Wall Hanger! While it is true, you can print only one Simple Wall Hanger if you need it. However, we recommend our weekend project.  Just like the picture. It’s not that hard to make and maybe you have fun doing it too. You can, for intance, use the bill of materials we share. Or simply you can make another great design with it. Here you can find another Hanger version to download! Or take a look to our Towel Hanger too.

We wish you a Happy printing!

Simple Wall Hanger Printing Settings:

Material: PLA or PLA+
Raft: No
Supports: No
Resolution: 0,35 mm
Hot Bed Temperature: 0 °C
Infill: 45 %
Top Layers: 3
Bottom Layers: 3
Walls: 3
Speed: 40 mm/s

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These Model is under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)licence.